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Do we need a wall?

YES. We do not hang anything on the wall. But we do use it to block out any unwanted lighting. Also it helps give a boundary and separate our crowd from the rest of the party.


Unlimited Prints?

OF COURSE. All of our Photo Booth Experiences come with unlimited prints per session! 


Do we need access to power?

YES/NO. All of our Photo Booth & Digital Booth Experiences will need complete access to a designated outlet. We most be notified before hand to make appropriate accommodations and a charge will apply to use our power generator. Our 360 Experience, on the other hand, does not need a outlet. It is all battery powered.


Can it be placed outside?

NO. For the protection of our team members and equipment, also because it is very hard to control lighting outdoors, we need to place our equipment indoors, in a well ventilated area.


Do we need WIFI?

NO. Tho recommended, wifi is not needed for us to run our booths. If no wifi is provided your guests will still recieve their txt/emails within the next three business days.


Do we need a table?

YES. In order to help keep our cost down, we require at least a 6ft table and table cloth if props are elected or a cocktail table for printer. We can provide one for an additional cost.