Carnival Machines

Most companies only provide you with a pair of instructions to run the machines. You would also have to purchase the materials separately and tear down / clean up the machines afterward. Our carnival machine services are like no other. We provide unlimited materials with all of our carnival machines & we also provide a team member to run it for the low price of only $125! Contact us for further details!

How we work…

1You will receive a call before the event starts. Our team member(s) will come prepared w/ tables and all materials needed to get the job done. Please make sure the provided space, has a electric outlet near by.

2 Enjoy YOUR event! Thats right, our team member(s) will take care of everything for you.

3 Sadly there comes a time where the event has to end.But do not worry! Our team member(s) will take care of their area. A receipt and a personal thank you/follow up email will be sent after.